Assistant Coach Jeremy Lang


Jeremy Lang will come on to the St. Louis Surge coaching staff this year. This will be Lang’s first year with the Surge.

Lang said he was asked to join the coaching staff by Coach Petra Jackson and jumped on the opportunity. He started doing his homework to better understand and help coach the team.

“I watched a lot of game film from the past Surge season to get familiar with the returners and broke down some of their stats and the college stats of our rookies,” Lang said. “I started to come up with an offense and a defense that would be suitable for our personnel. I hope to not only put a championship team on the court, but a team that will be really fun to watch. Our goal is to play really fast and score a lot of points. I want us to win and win in a fun way.” 

Lang is also the assistant basketball coach at Francis Howell Central High School and a staffing manager for Point Guard College (PGC) Basketball camps. PGC is the largest basketball training camp in North America with over 200 summer camps for athletes from fourth grade up to the professional level. PGC also holds coaching clinics year round.

Lang also coached at Evansville Modern Day and University City High School before working at Francis Howell Central. He was also a director of basketball operations for Larry Hughes Basketball Camps.