About The St. Louis Surge

The Surge is the professional basketball team in St. Louis, Missouri,  playing all home games at the Washington University Field House Complex. 

Revolutionizing the impact of sports in the community. We build the leaders of today and tomorrow while empowering men and women of all ages by serving as role models and mentors. Our philosophy of recruiting character first, without sacrificing talent, is one of the key factors for our continued success on and off the court.

In ten seasons, the Surge has won 6 Regional Championships and 2 National Championships. The Surge begins its eleventh season in May of 2023. After dominating in the Women’s Blue-Chip Basketball League (WBCBL) for seven seasons the team has joined a newly re-established league – the Global Women’s Basketball Association (GWBA) in 2019.

The GWBA provides an opportunity for athletes to pursue a professional career beyond their collegiate and amateur successes. In addition, the league creates and prepares players, coaches, officials and front-office staff for future professional development and career opportunities. Under new leadership and team expansion, the GWBA will offer professional women’s basketball in strategic markets to build and grow sports fans in select cities. The GWBA currently consists of four teams, including the Surge and is set to strategically expand in 2024. The GWBA will serve as the development league, vastly increasing the level of competition and expanding professional women’s basketball talent in the United States.

In May 2011, the Surge finalized a new coaching structure under the new ownership of Khalia Collier, Owner and General Manager at the tender age of 23. It was at this time that Collier implemented the new model of the program, focusing on the character of the player first without sacrificing talent. It’s under this model that the Surge continues to build championship programs each year, attracting post-graduate players from diverse basketball backgrounds.

The Surge has built a foundation in St. Louis and continued to grow women’s sports while building distinction and strengthening the Surge brand beyond the court.
Khalia Collier


Revolutionize the impact of sports in our community.


Beyond the game, the Surge is redefining winning through community engagement, leadership and education.


01  Leadership

Members of the Surge are looked up to as leaders not just on the court, but also in the community and in their everyday lives. From our community outreach programs to our games, leadership is instilled in every player.

02  Community Engagement

The Surge is dedicated to a high level of performance and service for our fans, sponsors, and facility partners. All members associated with the Surge are leaders, mentors and role models in the community who strive to make a continuous positive impact.

03  Character

The Surge actively exhibits character during all competitive events, conducting themselves in a respectful manner with a positive attitude. Our team always shows respect for our fans, officials and opponents on and off the court.