Sports Dietitian Reshaunda Thornton

Reshaunda Thornton MS, RD, LD, CSSD, is a sports dietitian and owner of BetterVessel
Nutrition.  Her work involves specializing in nutrition for sports performance of all ages and
athletic levels, individual nutrition consulting, speaking on media platforms, and writing
nutrition content for magazines such as STL Magazine and STL Kids Compete. She has multiple
collaborations within the health and wellness industry and affiliations with the local St.
Louis FOX2News as the nutrition expert with over 80 segments.  She was also a recent 2019 St.
Louis TEDxGateway Arch speaker in May 2019.  She is the author of Play to Win the Food Fight.
And lastly, she has a thriving podcast show “The Dietitian Against Diets”. Her mixture of
passion and expertise has allowed her to change lives in an impactful way as she brings energy
and creativity every time.

Texas native and fitness enthusiast, Reshaunda Thornton has received two Bachelors of Science
from Stephen F. Austin State University in Biology and minor in Psychology, Kansas State
University in Nutrition & Dietetics, and a Masters in Human Nutrition concentrated in Sports
Performance from Logan University.