Dear Surge Community, 

On behalf of the St. Louis Surge, as a black female business owner, this message echoes my personal values. Like many of you, I have watched in anger and deep sadness what has taken place not only across the country but right here in our city. Tragically, this is a trend that did not start in the past few weeks, but has been a constant in our country’s history.

It goes without saying, that the behavior and horrific tragedies that have occurred are not only heartbreaking but intolerable. I speak as one team, one organization that we do not condone racism, abuse of power, and or hatred of any sort. 

Trust that we remain committed to doing the work in our community by not only fostering an inclusive environment where all feel safe; we welcome all backgrounds and cultures. We are dedicated to bridging the divides in our communities, by condemning racism and leading through our actions. 

In order for us all to be in this together, it will take all of us doing our part. Making our actions match our words, doing what is right, standing up, and being courageous in voicing our outrage for the continued injustices. As a black person, that burden of education and love does not just fall on my shoulders as a leader, but on everyone especially for those who are not a person of color to be just as committed to driving change to make a real difference.

This is not a one time statement but a way of life to operate in love, to stand for what we believe in and to fight for what is right.

Always Looking Forward,

Khalia Collier
Surge Owner/General Manager