On May 9th, Surge coaches, players, and front office staff gathered in a conference room for orientation. With eight new players, three new coaches, and six new interns, the freshness of the Surge was apparent. This season marks the ten year anniversary of the Surge, but for the seventeen new Surge members, this is year one. From 2012 to 2022, the Surge have recruited character first, without sacrificing talent. Selected for their exemplary virtue, the 2022 Surge are a special group of people who exemplify the defining values of Surge – leadership, character, and community engagement – and are in the midst of elevating the Surge legacy to new heights. Nearing the end of our 10th year anniversary, we want to shine a light on the women driving Surge Nation forward by celebrating their incredible stories. Every other day beginning on July 20th, we will present a Q&A and a short video of different players and coaches. Tune in to the Surge Spotlight Series for an authentic look at the unique individuals who have come together to form your 2022 Surge squad!