(ST. LOUIS, July 18, 2022) – The St. Louis Surge’s first blow out of the season. During this Saturday night game, Surge honored Heroes in our community. Those who have jobs such as as a firefighter, policeman, healthcare worker, school staff member, and all other essential workers were celebrated for their hard work and dedication through this recent pandemic. 


Right  out the gate, the Surge hit the offensive boards hard against the Detroit Queens. After the first quarter, Surge led with a 28 to 6 point lead. In the second half, the Queens caught up with scoring 20 points to our 21 point gain. Akela Maize carried the Surge in defensive rebounds by having 9 to help push to an offensive scoring. At halftime, Surge led 49-26. 


Starting off the second half the Queens came out ready to play. Scoring 23 points to Surge’s 22, keeping them close to our offensive boards. Brittany Carter gained 9 of her total 17 points for the game by her sinking three 3-pointers. The Surge crowd was hype in hopes of the Surge hitting triple digits for the first time this season. With 4 minutes left in the quarter and many shot attempts to make it over that threshold, Surge ended 1 point shy. This last quarter Surge did dominate with an overall score of 28 points to the Queens’ 18. 


Sug Sutton led the team with 20 points, close behind was Brittany Carter with 17 points, and then Osh Brown with 12 points. Akela Maize gained her first Surge double double of the season with 11 points and 12 rebounds. Final score of the game was 99-67 Surge.