To cap off our Surge Spotlight Series, we interviewed five Surge players. To learn about Abbey Hoff, Michelle Berry, Shug Dickson, Vikki Morris, and Osh Brown, read below! Click on the link above for a video version of the interviews.


Abbey Hoff #33

You and your family travel a ton. What do you love about traveling and how did your passion for travel start?

I’ve loved to travel since I was a little girl. My family and I want to travel to every state together. We’ve been to over thirty already which is pretty cool. We’ve traveled to about 7-8 different countries too. We love to see what the world brings. There are so many different architectures, mountains and oceans that are so beautiful and we just want to keep viewing them.

You tore your ACL your sophomore year of college and ACL rehab is obviously a long and difficult process. Can you talk about the mental hurdles that go along with coming back from an ACL tear?

My sophomore year I got a new coach in college. It was my second coach in two years and I had only played one exhibition game with her before I tore my ACL. The mental hurdles were that I almost had to do it by myself because I didn’t know the coaching staff super well and then, I had to keep that grind going. My athletic trainer and I became best friends because I was in the gym with her three times a day to get back and prove to my new coach that I could be a good player for her.


Michelle Berry #23

You are a very bubbly and excited person. Where does all the energy come from?

Honestly, I don’t know. I wind down at the end of the day and then I just wake up with a bunch of energy!

What’s your favorite thing about this team?

My favorite thing is the different personalities we have. We all blend well together. 


Shug Dickson #3

What are you wearing and who styled it?

A Casablanca jacket with a nice print, shorts, a fresh white tee, and pink Balenciaga runners. All styled by Neiman Marcus.

What’s the origin story of the nickname Shug?

When I was little it used to be Sugar Mama and then it shortened down to Sugar and then Shug. My dad’s side of the family still calls me Sugar.

What is Beware Studios and what inspired you to create it?

Beware Studios is my brother and I’s brand. We wanted to do it for a long time, but we finally got the time to sit down and do it. Be on the lookout for all the good merch you can buy!


Vikki Morris #5

How did you end up signing with a team in Iceland and how do you feel about that opportunity?

My agent connected me and I feel very excited. It’s somewhere new and it’s my first year overseas.

Who do you look up to most on the team?

I look up to Sug Sutton the most because of the way she carries herself on and off the court and her work ethic is extremely good.


Osh Brown #32

You reached out to Dan, our creative production manager, about shadowing him in the office. Are you interested in video editing or graphic design?

Yes, video editing. I’m interested in the basics because of social media and how big social media is. You can make money off of how you post and how you edit things on social media.

Off the court you’re pretty chill, calm, but when you’re playing you are a beast. Where does that aggressive, hustle-play mentality come from?

I take all my anger out on the court. I like to be aggressive. I grew up with boys so all I know is to be aggressive. I grew up being a bully, so I’m going to be a bully on the court.


If you could be any animal for a week, what would you be?

Abbey: A hyena. It is the most underrated animal. It is the king of the jungle. Mmhmm. Look it up.

Michelle: My dog Luna. She’s so spoiled and I’m spoiled so it would be a perfect trade-off.

Vikki: If I could be any animal for a week, I would be an elephant.

Osh: An elephant. That’s my favorite animal.


We have loved having Abbey, Michelle, Shug, Vikki, and Osh with the Surge this season and can’t wait to see them continue their careers!




From one to ten, the 10th anniversary Surge roster consists of extraordinary basketball players and extraordinary people. Dedicated to the game, to each other, and to spreading positivity and kindness, the Surge continuously impact their fans and the greater St. Louis community. The Surge have won 5 Regional Championships and 2 National Championships, however the Surge 2022 squad currently seek the organizations first championship in the Global Women’s Basketball Association. Support the Surge in their last home game of the season tomorrow at 7:05 PM at WashU Fieldhouse and tune in to the livestream on our website as they chase Surge history in the GWBA playoffs on August 5th and 6th!